Drift Kings Retro Cup: A Nostalgic Week-end

The inaugural Drift Kings Retro Cup held at the Serres Racing Circuit last weekend was amazing, delivering an exhilarating blend of nostalgia, skill, and camaraderie. This much-anticipated event brought together the finest classic drift cars and enthusiasts for a three-day spectacle that celebrated the golden era of drifting.

The competition saw fierce yet friendly rivalries across two main categories. In the Retro Classic division, Chris Kampas claimed the top spot, showcasing impeccable drifting prowess. He was closely followed by Marios Rellas in second place, and Efstathios Papadopoulos, who rounded out the podium in third.


The Retro Outlaw category, designed for cars that didn’t fully meet the classic criteria but still embodied the retro spirit, saw Konstantinos Bouzalakos emerge as the winner. Takis Konstantaras and Geo Foradis took second and third places respectively, delivering memorable performances that thrilled the audience.

The Drift Kings Retro Cup was more than just a drift competition; it was a celebration of automotive history and culture. Spectators were transported back to the heyday of drifting circa 2005, surrounded by meticulously preserved classics and tastefully modified retro machines. The event's strict entry criteria ensured authenticity, admitting only drift cars produced before 1995 with a maximum tire width of 205, exclusively on street tires. This maintained the spirit of classic drifting and leveled the playing field, emphasizing driver skill over sheer power.


The event’s highlights included four adrenaline-fueled races, featuring the inaugural Retro Cup and the second round of the Bulgarian SoDrift Pro&Pro2 championships. The technical layout of the Serres track provided the perfect stage for showcasing driver talent, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats throughout the weekend.

The three-day event unfolded seamlessly under sunny skies with temperatures nearing 30 degrees, creating perfect conditions for both participants and spectators. The smooth organization and positive atmosphere contributed to a highly enjoyable experience, setting a strong precedent for future editions. Attendees left with unforgettable memories, already looking forward to the next Drift Kings Retro Cup scheduled for 2025.


The Drift Kings Retro Cup captured the hearts of drift fans and vintage car enthusiasts alike. The event’s blend of competitive racing, nostalgic ambiance, and community spirit created an unforgettable weekend. As anticipation builds for next year's event, it’s clear that the Drift Kings Retro Cup has firmly established itself as a must-attend celebration of retro drifting culture. See you at the finish line in 2025!

Retro Classic:

🥇 Winner: Chris Kampas

🥈 2nd: Marios Rellas

🥉 3rd: Efstathios Papadopoulos

Retro Outlaw:

🥇 Winner: Konstantinos Bouzalakos

🥈 2nd: Takis Konstantaras

🥉 3rd: Geo Foradis

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