Revolutionizing Technical Scrutineering: Going Paperless and Improving Efficiency for Enhanced Safety.
In a bold move towards innovation and efficiency, Drift Kings International Series proudly announces the transition to a paperless technical scrutineering system for the upcoming season. Embracing cutting-edge technology, scrutineers will now be equipped with tablets, ushering in a new era of streamlined processes and heightened safety measures.

This season, expect to see our scrutineers seamlessly navigating through inspections with tablets in hand, rather than stacks of A4 papers. But this transition isn't merely about ditching paper; it signifies a significant leap forward in our commitment to excellence and continuous improvement.

The backbone of this transformation lies in our upgraded technical scrutineering system, now powered by the cloud. This state-of-the-art system allows for meticulous tracking of every race car, event by event, ensuring adherence to our stringent technical rules. With real-time data accessibility, scrutineers can efficiently monitor and analyze each vehicle's compliance, leaving no room for oversight.

One of the standout features of our revamped system is the integration of a web application that facilitates effortless documentation. Equipped with built-in cameras, scrutineers can capture images of any issues or discrepancies observed during inspections. These images are then seamlessly archived, providing a comprehensive record for the entire season. This not only enhances accountability but also enables swift resolution of any identified concerns, further bolstering the safety of racing cars.

Moreover, each inspection will now culminate in a digital acknowledgment process. Drivers will personally validate the results of the scrutiny by providing handwritten signatures directly on the tablet. This not only ensures their active participation in the safety protocols but also reinforces their commitment to upholding the integrity of our events.

As we embark on this exciting 20th anniversary, Drift Kings remains steadfast in its mission to prioritize safety above all else. Through continuous innovation and adaptation, we reaffirm our commitment to delivering world-class events that exceed expectations, season after season.