Drift Kings Nations Cup & Pro2/Queen Finals in Serres! Witness top drifters and national teams battle for glory!
🏎️🌟 Welcome to the second edition of the Drift Kings Nations Cup! This thrilling event brings together teams of up to five drivers from various countries to compete in a dynamic display of drifting skills, speed, and style.

This unique competition pits countries against each other in intense top16 battles to find out which nation boasts the best drifters. With drivers from around the globe, the contest is fierce, and the excitement is high as they represent their homelands.

Cyprus holds the title of the current Nations Cup champion, but with more countries participating this time, the action and excitement are set to soar!

The event coincides with the Drift Kings ProSeries round 5 and the Pro2/Queen Final, making it a grand three-day festival of drifting. The Nations Drift Cup is not just about competition; it's a celebration of drifting culture and international camaraderie.

So, come join us and witness who will take home the titles of 2024 Pro2 and Queen champion, and which country will emerge as the world's top drifting nation!

Registrations for the 2023 round 5 ProSeries & Final Pro2 Queen are now open. 

Event Details:
Date: 4 5 6 October 2024
Location: Serres, Greece



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