Gear Up for the 2024 Drift Kings International Series Round 3 at Trackwood Festival, RabocsiRing!
Get ready for an adrenaline rush! The third round of the 2024 Drift Kings International Series, in collaboration with, is returning to the iconic Trackwood festival at RabocsiRing! Brace yourself for a thrilling weekend filled with intense tsuiso battles on this unique drift arena!

Will Gediminas Levickas and Sandra Janusauskaite, our Lithuanian drivers, seize victory there? They're both racing for the 2024 crowns in their respective Pro and Queen categories! Sandra, our reigning 2023 Queen champion, is set to reveal her brand new, powerful 1000+ F22 BMW this season! Join them on their exhilarating Drift Kings journey throughout Europe!

Registrations are now live on our website! 

Stay connected for more updates and driver announcements! 📢

Let the excitement begin!

Event Details:
Date: 12 13 July 2024
Location: Rabocsi Ring Mariapocs, Hungary

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