Rd1 Hungary : Kevin Piskolty, Francesco Giori and Natalia Iocsak win

Exciting news from the world of high-octane racing! The Drift Kings International Series kicked off their season on April 15-16 with a thrilling race at the Tököl track in Hungary. With 40 contestants spread across three categories - Pro, Pro2, and Drift Queen - the competition was fierce and the track was designed to be extremely challenging, with tight corners and fast passes. The two-day program was jam-packed with exciting action, starting with a briefing for the competitors by the judges at 8:30 am on Saturday, followed by free practice for all competitors at 9:00 am. Later in the day, we witnessed the qualification session for the Hungarian local championship, then Drift Kings drivers had official qualification session.

 Sunday's program began with another briefing from the judges at 8:30 am, followed by tsuiso practice and local championship race. At 2:00 pm, the Drift Kings race began, with the Drift Queen class, then Pro2, and finally the Pro class. In the fiercely qualification, Tamas Magyar from Hungary took the highest rating of 90 points in the Pro category, followed by Gediminas Levickas from Lithuania in second place with 88 points, and Robi Hatvani from Hungary in third place with 87 points. The highest entry speed of 105 kph was achieved by Austrian Clemens Kauderer. Francesco Giori from Italy took first place in the Pro2 category with 73.50 points, while in the Drift Queen category, Sandra Janusauskaite from Lithuania had the highest entry speed of 98 kph and won first place with 70 points.

 As the event progressed to the race, the rain made its presence felt, adding a new level of challenge for all competitors. In the Pro category, Kevin Piskolty made an incredible comeback after taking 14th place in the qualification. He dominated his opponents and emerged victorious in an excellent final against Patrick Cselotei, who came in second place. Bence Gaspar won the small final and took third place, while Gediminas Levickas settled for fourth. Francesco Giori continued to steal the show in the Pro2 category, winning first place in both qualification and race. Peter Zajacs from Hungary came in second, while Lukas Dobias from Austria won the small final and took third place.

 Natalia Iocsak from Romania won first place in the Drift Queen category, with Sandra Janusauskaite from Lithuania coming in second and Viktoria Bauer from Hungaryin third. The next race for the Drift Kings International Series 2023 championship will be held on May 21-22 at the Serres track in Greece.

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