Final : Giorgos Christoforou Clinches Championship Title, Piotr Kozlowski Secures Second Victory in Cyprus

The Achna Speedway in Cyprus witnessed yet another spectacular event as the Drift Kings Pro Series Final culminated in a blaze of adrenaline-fueled glory. With a staggering lineup of 41 drivers, the competition was fierce under the scorching Cypriot sun, showcasing the finest drift talent from around Europe. Notably, the foreign participants braved a long journey by sea from Thessaloniki port to Limassol port, bringing with them their race cars and equipment, a testament to their dedication and passion for the sport.


Among the international stars, the likes of the Brothers Grillis from Greece, the Drift Happens Team from Lithuania, Romania's Natalia Iocsak, Poland's Piter Kozlowski, and the Hungarian contender Patrik Cselotei converged at the event, creating an electric atmosphere that encapsulated the spirit of unity and competition. A special nod goes to the Cyprus Motorsport Federation for orchestrating this magnificently executed race, underscoring their commitment to fostering the drift culture.


The weekend commenced with an intense round of practice on Friday, followed by a seamless qualification session on Saturday, where the seasoned veteran Dimitrakis Takamoura, aged 61, etched his name in the record books as the oldest qualifier ever—a testament to the enduring spirit of the sport.  As the championship contenders, Christoforou, Levickas, and Cselotei prepared for the battles ahead, the qualification phase set the stage for the exhilarating clashes that were yet to come.


Amid sweltering temperatures on Sunday, the Top 32 battles commenced with a breathtaking parade, captivating the packed venue with anticipation and excitement. The first twist came as Gediminas Levickas unexpectedly stumbled in the opening round, conceding defeat to Andreas Wax and altering the course of the title chase. 

The spotlight then shifted to the Top 16 showdown between Christoforou and Cselotei, a high-stakes duel that pulsated with tension and drama, culminating in a gripping 5-5 deadlock on the first lap. In a display of nerves of steel, Christoforou ultimately emerged victorious, clinching both the ProSeries title and a thunderous ovation from the enthralled paddock.


However, the final triumph belonged to Piotr "money-making" Kozlowski, securing his consecutive win and the cash prize, and boldly declaring his intent to return for a hat-trick in the upcoming 2024 season. With a flawless Season 2023 drawing to a close, the anticipation for the monumental 20th season of Drift Kings is palpable, promising another chapter of high-octane excitement and fierce competition. As we eagerly await the forthcoming milestone, let's take a moment to appreciate Christoforou's remarkable journey to the crown, an embodiment of unwavering dedication and skill that encapsulates the true spirit of drift racing, Giorgos Christoforou's season was a rollercoaster of challenges and triumphs. 


Unfortunately, missing the first round in Hungary proved to be a tough setback for someone eyeing the championship. However, he made a strong comeback in his first race at Serres, Greece, securing his first-ever victory at Drift Kings. The journey to round 3 in France was no easy feat. With attack speed of over 180kph, limited practice laps, and an unfamiliar track, the odds seemed stacked against him. Nevertheless, he conquered each opponent one by one and clinched the top spot on the podium, overshadowing 160 other competitors.Moving on to the demanding Hungarian track in Mariapocs, survival was key, as the unforgiving walls posed a constant threat. The astute racing strategies employed by the Koko team ensured that they pushed the car to its limits without crossing the red line. This led to Koko's third consecutive victory, although formidable opponents Patrik Cselotei and Gediminas Levickas remained hot on their heels with just 100 points behind.


With 420 points still up for grabs in Greece and Cyprus, the championship was far from decided. However, the second visit to Serres did not yield the same success as the first, leaving the title to be fought for in Cyprus. Despite the pressure, Koko's well-managed performance in the final race allowed him to secure the title. As the saying goes, the first season is for learning, and the second is for winning. A well-deserved victory! Giorgos Christoforou's incredible season has earned him a well-deserved spot in our Drift Kings Hall of Fame.


Final Round Results
Winner Piotr Kozlowski Poland
2nd Giorgos Christoforou Cyprus
3rd Dimitrakis Takamoura Cyprus

Champion Giorgos Christoforou Cyprus
2nd Patrik Cselotei Hungary
3rd Gediminas Levickas Lithuania

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