Drift Kings International Series Unveils Thrilling Plans for 20th Anniversary Season

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**Drift Kings International Series Unveils Thrilling Plans for 20th Anniversary Season: A Celebration of Two Decades of Drift Racing Excellence**

In a momentous milestone, Drift Kings International Series proudly announces its 20th season, a jubilant celebration of two decades at the forefront of professional motorsport. This landmark season promises an exhilarating journey for drift racing enthusiasts, accentuated by a carefully curated selection of European tracks that pay homage to the series' illustrious legacy.

The 20th European season kick-starts with a return to the iconic Tokol Drift Arena in Hungary for round 1. Round 2 will witness the resurrection of the classic French round at Anneau du Rhin with MSO, setting the stage for a colossal clash featuring 160 skilled drivers and 182kph attack speed. The excitement continues with round 3 at legendary Mariapocs, unveiling a captivating new mixed race with Trackwood that amplifies the relentless pursuit of excellence.

Raising the stakes, in partnership with NDC, round 4 introduces the world famous Nürburgring, nestled in the untamed German wilderness. The crescendo reaches its peak in round 5 at the Serres racing circuit, where we will crown the champions of Pro2 and Queen Series.  Last but not least, the ProSeries grand finale unfolds at the enchanting Drift Island of Cyprus, a cherished haven for drift racing enthusiasts across the globe.

In tandem with the regular series, Drift Kings International Series proudly reintroduces the highly anticipated Nations Cup. This celebration of team spirit, national pride, and camaraderie promises heightened excitement, with limited spots available for countries.  

To celebrate our 20th season, we are introducing another new vibe : the Retro Drift Cup, the world's first International Historic Drift Race. Picture this: cars made before 1995, rocking a max of 205 street tires. It's all about bringing back that 2005 drifting vibe—where skills shine, and it's all about the driver, not just the machine. Get ready to feel the nostalgia in the air!

Technical advancements are on the horizon, with the release of the 2024 rules as well.  A major update includes the scoring system revamp, enhancing the lead-to-lead and chase-to-chase dynamics.

Furthermore, our commitment to the motorsport community remains steadfast as we continue to provide race management and judging expertise to the Cypriot and Bulgarian series, as well as some independent events.

Only full season registration is opened for now, full season offers you special discount 1500euros as well as priority to be registered as NationsCup teams.  Individual race registration will come later at 350euros per event.

Michael Procureur, CEO of Drift Kings International Series, shares his boundless enthusiasm, stating, "As we embark on our 20th season, we reflect on our journey since our inception in 2005 in Belgium. This season is a testament to our unwavering commitment to the sport and our enduring passion for delivering excitement and professional races. Join us in celebrating this milestone, and let's pave the way for an electrifying future together!"

Round 1 Hungary 20/21 April - Pro/Pro2/Queen
Round 2 France 7/8/9 June  - Pro/Pro2/Queen
Round 3 Hungary 12/13 July - Pro/Pro2/Queen
Round 4 Germany 14/15 September - Pro/Pro2/Queen
Round 5 Pro - Final Pro2/Queen Greece 4/5 October
Final Pro Series Cyprus 19/20 October

Special Events
Retro Cup - 25/26 May Greece
Nations Cup - 6 October Greece

For more information and exciting updates on the upcoming season, please visit www.driftkings.com

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