Drift Kings International Series Celebrates 20th Season with Three Major Partners

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Drift Kings International Series Celebrates 20th Season with Three Major Partners

The Drift Kings International Series is proud to announce the continuation of its partnership with three major sponsors for the 2024 season: DriftShop, Landsail Tires and BK clutch.

DriftShop, the online shop for motorsport enthusiasts, remains the title sponsor of the series, providing the best deals, brands and products for street, race and drift car parts. DriftShop has been supporting the development of drifting in France and in Europe for almost 15 years! Visit driftshop.com  to find out more.

Landsail Tires, part of the Chinese Sentury Tire group, is one of the main sponsors of the series, offering high-quality and high-performance tires for SUVs, light trucks, CUVs, touring and performance vehicles. Landsail Tires combines technology, innovation and design to deliver the spirit of driving. Visit landsailtires.com  to discover their products.

BK clutch, the torque booster for manual petrol heads, is another main sponsor of the series, supplying premium clutches that improve acceleration, stability and durability. BK clutch has been serving manual petrolheads since 1977, with expertise in material sourcing, craftsmanship and performance testing. Visit bkclutch.com to learn more.

The Drift Kings International Series was inaugurated twenty years ago and, in 2024, remains active as a global drift series where drivers and teams compete for championship titles at multiple Grand Prix events.

Embark on a two-decade legacy of excellence with us. Join us in 2024 for an era-defining drift experience, featuring the best drivers and intense competitions. Celebrate excellence and passion with Drift Kings!

For more information and exciting updates on the upcoming season, please visit our website

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